Karen Nunez
‍‍‍                            Art Dire‍‍‍ctor

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‍‍‍To this day Paola's work is a point of reference for us. From the moment we put our eyes on the design proposal for our visual identity , we knew we had entrusted the challenge into the right hands. The design concept was translated into something simple, yet so effective and with great t‍‍‍aste. The result surpassed our expectations.

‍‍‍Alessandra Ba‍‍‍talha
Video producer at Danke Filmes

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Paola is very good at her job. She asks you what you would like and put together with what she knows would look good and makes‍‍‍ gorgeous‍‍‍ pictures. On top of that she is very very sweet, I will definitely work with her again. She's no doubt incredible.

‍‍‍Madison Pi‍‍‍ttman

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‍‍‍I've had the pleasure of working with Paola over the past couple of years. She is an incredible professional whose tenacity and ‍‍‍fearless approach to everyday challenges speaks volumes of her work ethic and dedication to anything she strides to do. I'm excited to see what the future holds for her.